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Romeo Thunder Maxx Lithium Battery Pack 48V

Plus Power Designers Sibex REVOLUTION Charger

Sold at Komatsu USA factory stores.

Less Downtime, Longer Lifetime

Get more done with Romeo Power lithium forklift batteries and Power Designers Sibex REVOLUTION chargers.

Komatsu is a global leader in heavy-duty equipment. Komatsu forklifts provide dependable daily performance while saving customers money with lower operational costs.

But there’s only so far any forklift can go with a lead-acid battery.

Romeo’s Thunder Maxx lithium pack was designed for 48V Komatsu forklifts with 24-85-21 trays. It delivers 3.2x the total energy throughput of the leading lead-acid forklift battery and lasts about 3.2x longer, ̴ 4,000 charges.

Plus, Thunder Maxx charges in as little as 2.5 hours and eliminates battery swaps with opportunity charging. It’s the first in a full line of Thunder battery packs designed as drop-in replacements for the lead-acid batteries in electric forklifts for more efficient fleets.

Thunder Maxx goes in once and never leaves the forklift.

  • Replace 3 lead-acid batteries with just 1 Thunder Maxx
  • Reach 100% fleet availability by eliminating battery swaps
  • Free up valuable warehouse space by getting rid of your battery room

Plus, zero emissions and maintenance save you money and ensure a safer workplace for everyone.

Thunder Maxx lithium packs charge with Power Designers Sibex’s REVOLUTION high frequency, modular battery chargers that deliver peak efficiency greater than 93%, and efficiencies greater than 90% throughout the entire charge cycle. As output current tapers, the charger turns off unneeded modules.

  • Program for conventional, opportunity, or fast applications
  • Combine multi-voltage 1.3kW modules to produce over 30kW output
  • Always stay up and running – charger still works if a power module fails

Plug and play utility and flexible configurations make updating your fleet of electric forklifts easy, so you can stop energy-inefficient charging and start saving money.

Thunder Maxx lithium packs and REVOLUTION chargers are a complete lithium battery and charger package that provides you with superior value and performance.

Thunder Maxx 48V Technical Specs

Key Specifications

Nominal Capacity*~38 kWh
Nominal Charge/Discharge*~5 hours charge (at ~170A)
~8 hours discharge (at ~100A)
Fast Charge*~2.5 hours (at ~350A)
Continuous Discharge*350A
Peak Power Discharge*700A
Max Voltage57.4 VDC
Min Voltage42 VDC
Cycles and Life**~4000 charges
Warranty6 years


Pack DimensionsL 968mm, W 829mm, H 587mm
Pack Mass~1500 kg
Standard Lift Holes38.1mm

Thermal / Cooling

Operating Temperature-30° to 55°C
(performance derated at extreme temperatures)
Storage Temperature0° to 35°C
Transport Temperature-20° to 60°C
Ambient Charge Temperature-30° to 40°C
(with heater/cold package)

* Product parameters rated at 25°C, capacity at 0.2C per battery industry standard practice. Actual usable capacity depends on application utilization and environment.

** Cycle life and calendar life are very much application dependent. A more application specific analysis can be provided.