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Romeo Thunder Maxx Lithium Battery Pack 48V

Less Downtime, Longer Lifetime

Get more done with Romeo
Power lithium forklift batteries.

There’s only so far electric forklifts can go with a lead-acid battery.

Romeo’s Thunder Maxx lithium pack delivers 3.2x the total energy throughput of the leading lead-acid forklift battery and lasts about 3.2x longer, ̴ 4,000 charges. It’s designed for Class I & II forklifts with a 24-85-21 tray.

Thunder Maxx charges in as little as 2.5 hours and eliminates battery swaps with opportunity charging. It’s the first in a full line of Thunder battery packs designed as clean, high-efficiency upgrades for the lead-acid batteries in electric forklifts for a more efficient fleet.

Thunder Maxx goes in once and never leaves the forklift.

  • Replace 3 lead-acid batteries with just 1 Thunder Maxx
  • Reach 100% fleet availability by eliminating battery swaps
  • Free up valuable warehouse space by getting rid of your battery room

Plus, zero emissions and maintenance save you money and ensure a safer workplace for everyone.

Thunder Maxx 48V Technical Specs

Key Specifications

CapacityMaximum Pack Capacity: 47kWh
User Capacity: 43kWh
Nominal Voltage51.8Vdc
Standard Charging Current184A
Maximum Charging Current350A (US/CAN)
Maximum Voltage58.8Vdc
Standard Charging Voltage57.4Vdc
Discharge End Point Voltage42Vdc
Standard Discharging Current184A
Maximum Discharge Current1000A (3S)
350A (continuous, de-rated based on cell temperature)
  • Thunder 48V, a capacity upgrade for a 24-85-21 (or similar) to provide maximum energy in a tray
  • Maximum energy packaging using our BR-E energy module for maximum run time
  • Integrated junction box with pack-level BMS for simplicity in design and safety
  • Vented cover for improved cooling
  • Clean, high-efficiency upgrade for lead-acid batteries
  • Solutions also available for 24-85-17 trays with same modules

Thermal / Cooling

Ambient Charging Temperature Range0° to 30°C (32° to 86°F)
Ambient Discharging Temperature Range-20° to 50°C (-4° to 122°F)
Storage Temperature0° to 35°C (32° to 95°F)
Transport Temperature-20° to 60°C (-4° to 140°F)


Pack DimensionsL 972mm (38.27in)
W 829mm (32.64in)
H 587mm (23.11in)
Weight1502 kg