Advanced batteries for electric vehicles with the highest energy density.

Made in the U.S.A.

Romeo Power Technology, Leading Provider of Battery Technology to the Commercial EV Market, to List on NYSE through Merger with RMG Acquisition Corp.

Lead the way in e-mobility with lightweight and efficient batteries. Our space-saving pack designs, proprietary thermal management, and smart, built-in Gen2 distributed battery management system (BMS) combine to give you next-level range, performance, and durability. Not only is it environmentally responsible – we’ve made it cost effective.

Introducing the Hercules BEV Pack Family

Powering the world’s largest vehicles further than the rest with the first ever pack-family in the BEV space.

Unmatched Pack Innovation

Chemistry agnostic designs. Air-cooled and liquid-cooled. Both can be easily combined to deliver packs with all the power and capacity you need. We’ll work hand-in-hand to integrate our batteries into your vehicle, using our mature design, module power flexibility, and knowledge of vehicle integration to create the perfect battery pack for your application.

Most Performing Systems on the Market Today

Our engineers have pushed the limits of lithium-ion technology to bring you a safer and more energy efficient EV battery. Get technology-leading lithium battery solutions that charge faster, go further, and last longer thanks to our game-changing advances in R&D. With energy density 20-30% higher than the rest, we provide superior range and power. With EV batteries, the greater the energy density, the longer the range. And the greater the power density, the better the acceleration. Both translate to efficient packs that perform better without taking up too much room.

Our Packs Are Accelerating Change

Precision Automated Manufacturing in the USA

The automated manufacturing line in our Southern California facility can produce modules quickly and reliably to meet your vehicle volume requirements. Our trained personnel members are veterans of renowned technology companies from California, and are passionate about producing industry-leading battery modules and packs.

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Tested Till They’re Ready For The Road

Our batteries are performance-tested under real-world thermal, safety, electrical and mechanical loads including vibrations, shocks, and impacts to ensure they stand up to the demands of your application. Our state-of-the-art test equipment verifies safety, quality, reliability, and robustness at the component, subassembly, module, and pack levels, and detailed test data and failure analysis reports help our design engineers exceed your requirements.

Going Strong, Together

Romeo Power is an energy-tech company that designs, engineers and produces energy-dense, commercially available lithium-ion battery packs in our 115,000 sq ft, 8GWh capable, automated factory in Southern California. Since 2015, we’ve been dedicated to enabling large-scale, sustainable transportation with energy dense battery packs delivering the ranges and charge times businesses need to compete. Currently, we demonstrate 20-30% improvements in both gravimetric and volumetric density relative to our competitors to make this happen. Our comprehensive in-house testing and certification of all products across single cell, module and pack-level battery systems keeps us and our customers going strong for years to come.

Help us drive the change to move people and goods efficiently with zero emissions.