About Us


To advance energy technology.


To end energy poverty.

It’s not just about us. It’s about all of us.

We’re all in this together, and we need a new way forward.

We believe in clean, sustainable energy that powers our world while reducing our impact on it. And we believe we need to make it affordable for the billions of people who struggle without access to power and a way out of poverty.

Ending energy poverty has been our vision from day one.

When his online fraud prevention company was acquired in 2015, Mike Patterson resolved to make his next move more meaningful. The energy crisis was clear, and helping to power the powerless became his passion project.

As Mike says, “If we can solve energy, energy will solve even more issues.”

But where do you start with such a massive problem? Mike formed a small team that empowered people to generate a little energy for themselves.

They created a personal kinetic energy device called Trek that charged a battery when attached to a walking stick, bike, or motorcycle. That battery could then charge a cell phone or power a light to study by at night – luxuries for people living without electricity.

It was a start. But they had to start thinking bigger.

That’s when Mike met Porter.

Meanwhile Porter Harris, who’d been designing batteries for rockets and high-end electric cars, was at a career crossroads himself. He was a month into a year-long sabbatical searching for something more rewarding when he learned what Mike and his team were doing.

“The mission to support people in developing countries really resonated with me and I knew this was the meaning in my work I was looking for,” Porter said.

Together they recruited designers and engineers from Tesla, SpaceX, Samsung, and Amazon, set up shop in a small studio space in Santa Monica, CA, and began working on bigger and better things.

Funding our vision with first-world products.

Mike and Porter traveled to Haiti and India a lot back then. And they saw first-hand how a little power could change lives.

They developed a 300 – 500Wh energy storage unit that could be charged with a solar panel, then used to power lights, portable cooktops, and small fridges for storing food and medications.

But though it was built with off-the-shelf parts to be inexpensive, no one could afford to buy it.

Around the same time, several startups approached Mike and Porter to build a better battery for electric vehicles (EVs). It wasn’t the reason Romeo was founded, but they knew the EV business could fund an affordable product leasing program for the people they wanted to help.

So, they moved everyone from the cramped Santa Monica space to a 113,000 sq. ft. factory a few miles away in Vernon.

That was January 2017.

We won’t stop working till it’s vision accomplished.

Now Romeo makes all kinds of products. Our battery packs and technology make electric vehicles go farther, help businesses slash costs with scalable energy storage, and ensure people stay connected with portable power banks that keep mobile devices alive when outlets are scarce.

We’re financially stable and cementing our place in the industry. The one thing that hasn’t changed is our commitment to why.

And we’re not doing it alone.

Every company we work with and every person who buys one of our products helps get us closer to ending energy poverty.