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We give people better ways to power their lives.

It all began in 2014 when a handful of innovators from Tesla, SpaceX, Amazon, and Samsung set out to end energy poverty around the world. And Romeo Power was born.

With deep tribal knowledge from the design, development, and deployment of the most powerful and sophisticated battery packs on the planet, they assembled a team of leading engineers and industrial designers to take energy technology beyond anyone’s wildest dreams.

The results are safe, high-performance, user-friendly battery packs made to power everything from electric vehicles to entire businesses to your personal devices when you’re on the go or off the grid, even for days at a time.

The secrets to superior performance are energy density and efficiency. We build our battery packs using standard cells just like everyone else, but important innovations set us apart.

For one, we squeeze massive amounts of those cells into a space-saving design. Next, we designed a more intelligent battery management system (BMS). Those key factors – more cells, smaller size, and a smarter BMS – translate into more power that lasts longer.

We boost power and performance even further with the materials used to connect our components. And proprietary thermal engineering optimized for active and passive cooling helps ensure maximum safety.

Finally, we build all our battery packs without losing sight of the people who buy them. Our world-class user experience and design team ensures that every one of our high-tech products is easy to use.

Our team makes it happen.

We’re home to some of the industry’s smartest people, and each of us is dedicated to improving life on planet Earth with reliable, sustainable, accessible power. Driven by that dedication and passion, and using the most advanced manufacturing methods in the business, we’re giving people ways they can change their lives and in turn, the world.

Electric vehicle (EV) makers score compact battery packs that dramatically increase mileage range and charge fast with minimal impact on cycle life.

Businesses see significant savings with energy storage solutions that reduce consumption during peak times and let them power through outages without interruption.

Business travelers, digital nomads, and all kinds of outdoor adventurers will soon be able to declare independence from wall outlets to roam far and wide with their personal devices.

The power is in your hands. Let us take you further.

Our Partners

Romeo Power allies with organizations that share our commitment to ending energy poverty around the world.

Executive Team

Romeo Power’s leaders combine extraordinary expertise in battery systems and industrial design with outstanding success in scaling global ventures.

Michael Patterson

Founder & CEO

Porter Harris

Co-Founder & CTO

Mark Schwager

Chief Production Officer

Lauren Webb

Chief Financial Officer

Erik Fleming

Chief Operating Officer

Arun Gunasekaran

VP of Electrical Engineering

Joseph Choi

VP of Industrial Design

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