Our Capabilities

Battery Management System (BMS)

  • Advanced battery management system based on control oriented physico-chemical models and parameterized for each individual cell design and chemistry.
  • Enhanced state-of-change (SOC), state-of-health (SOH) monitoring and estimation accuracy.
  • Improved milage estimation.
  • Fast-Charging optimized againt cell aging mechanisms.


Mobile Robotics

Prototyping and Pilot Capabilities
Automated Module Manufacturing

Customer Specific
Pack Lines

Single Shift Capacity

R&D And Testing Lab

  • State of the art test lab offering comprehensive test services for the entire product development life cycle
  • Full range of test capabilities including: Mechanical, Environmental and Electrical Testing
  • Engineering, qualification, and production testing for single cell module and pack level battery systems
  • System characterization testing including: Resonant searches, shock response, system temperature saturation identification and battery performance and endurance
  • Team of experts providing test consulting and documentation services including: test plan development, test procedure development, test fixture design, and automated test equipment development
  • Detailed engineering test report service provides design engineers with technical feedback for assessing system performance

Quality Department

Our experienced Quality Department is capable of:

    • Individual battery module and full battery pack EOL cell quality testing.
    • Full 3D (X, Y, Z) bridge CMM measurement capability for precision scale measurement of parts.
    • Portable FARO arm measurement capability for larger dimensional parts or parts requireing remote onlime measurement.
    • ESS (Environmental Stress Screening) “thermal shock” temperature testing capable of testing parts/equipment 200C ~ -80C testing range.
    • Electrodynamic Vibration testing (Vibe/Shaker Table) – Utilized to determine if a product can withsatnd teh rigors of its intended use over the lifetime.
    • IP5, 6, 7X Dust/Moisture Testing to verify ingress protection of foreign material and moisture that can alter lifetime of the product.

Romeo Power expects to aggressively achieve the highest standards of quality following:

  • ISO/TS 16949 – Standardized Quality Management System by Fall 2018
  • AS9100 – Standardized Qulaity Management System for Aerospace Industry by Fall 2018