Commercial Vehicles

Our team designed the sophisticated battery packs that power SpaceX rockets today.

Now they’re taking EV battery technology beyond to allow drivers hit the road quicker with fast charge times.

Hermes Module

The versatile performance battery solution with extensive range that not only exceeds most automaker’s expectations, but is also more than matched for long truck routes and grueling commercial uses. Hermes stores massive amounts of energy in a small footprint and combines an intelligent battery management system and integrated liquid cooling in a single package.

The brains behind the battery packs for the world’s best-selling electric vehicles have been busy applying what they know about energy density and design to your business.

Zero emissions

100% maintenance free

Maximum uptime with no battery swapping

Seamless transition from one shift to multi shift

Full performance in cold and refrigerated spaces

Minimum downtime with easy opportunity charging

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Commercial Vehicles

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