We’re on a mission to end energy poverty.

Access to safe and reliable energy is crucial for the interdependent advancement of human health and economic development. Yet 1.2 billion people around the world have no access to electricity. And more than 2.7 billion lack clean cooking facilities, forcing them to use fuels and stoves that poison the air they breathe in their own homes.*

For the rest of us who take clean, accessible energy for granted, this is almost impossible to imagine.

We envision a better reality for them, one we’re working hard to achieve. Because we believe that when you bring a basic need like energy to people who badly need it, they can change their lives, their communities, and ultimately the world.

At Romeo Power, we believe in power to the people.

*2017 statistics from International Energy Agency

1.2 billion people

without power

2.7 billion people

without clean cooking facilities

Romeo Power allies with organizations that share our commitment to ending energy poverty everywhere.