Everyone has a right to energy and a better quality of life.

More than one billion people on the planet can’t see this page.

They live without what we take for granted: reliable access to safe and affordable electricity.

1.2 billion people

without power

2.7 billion people

without clean cooking facilities

When the sun goes down they live in darkness, and they’re forced to cook with dirty fuels that pollute the air in their own homes.

It’s more than an inconvenience – it’s a matter of life and death. Medicine storage and medical procedures including surgeries depend on the electricity these communities struggle to survive without.

Electricity shouldn’t be a luxury. We’re on a mission to end energy poverty by 2023, and it starts right here at home.

First, we’re creating products that advance energy technology and help all of us live better and reduce our impact on climate change. The success of our breakthrough EV battery packs, energy storage solutions, and portable power packs will fund efforts to provide more affordable and sustainable products to developing nations.

But we can’t help those nations forge a path out of poverty alone. We’re forming strategic partnerships with both governments and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) around the world to implement sustainable energy technology and infrastructure, provide subsidies and incentives to reduce energy costs, and educate and empower everyone regarding responsible energy use.

And we’ll help humanitarian agencies on the ground by equipping doctors and other field staff with portable power packs for their phones and laptops.

Our goal is to have the right people in place to help lead this program by mid-2018. There’s a lot of work ahead, and 2023 is not that far off.

But it can and must be done. Because we believe that when you bring a basic need like energy to people who badly need it, they can change their lives, their communities, and ultimately the world.

All stats from 2017 International Energy Agency report