Some of the best battery packs on two wheels.

Pure Acceleration

A motorcycle means freedom for its owner. Today that includes freedom from gas, emissions, and routine maintenance.

Romeo Power’s advances in energy density deliver space-saving battery packs, which is always an important concern – especially when space is limited.

But with our battery packs, smaller doesn’t mean less powerful. Our powerhouse energy density combined with innovations in materials and battery management mean your bikes will charge fast, and go fast. You’ll also lead the pack when it comes to range, giving riders more time on the road.

This is the road to the future, and you’ve got the freedom to own it.


Battery Safety
This is #1 on our list of priorities. Our innovations include single cell runaway prevention, designed to stop any issues with individual cells from affecting the rest of the pack.

Increased Range
We deliver battery packs with ultra-high gravimetric and volumetric energy densities, so you can deliver excellent top-line range and make the most of your space claims.

Fast Charge Times
Our battery packs charge fast with minimal impact on cycle life thanks to our smart charging algorithm and proprietary thermal management that maintains a 5°C temperature difference among cells across the pack at all times.

High Energy Density
We cracked the code here. For the same kWh battery pack, we’re 19% smaller and 27% lighter than the next best, and up to 80% smaller and 55% lighter than other popular packs.

Advanced Battery Management System
Our BMS is based on control-oriented, physico-chemical models with adaptive algorithms that increase safety, performance, and cycle life.

Expert Engineering
We’ve got top talent from Tesla and SpaceX leading a team of brilliant engineers who are behind every breakthrough we make in EV battery technology.

Note: All claims based on current market and product research performed at our R&D facility.