Advancing Electric Vehicle Energy Technology

Going Farther, Faster

EV battery technology is changing the world by changing the way we get around.

And the future can’t wait. At Romeo Power we’re enabling large-scale sustainable transportation today with the world’s most energy dense battery packs that deliver the power, range, and charge times people want at a price they can afford.

Unleash The Power Of Romeo EV

Every Romeo Power EV battery pack is designed to meet voltage and runtime requirements and outperform within load, environmental, size, and weight limitations to provide the power, safety, and durability you need at the best price.

  • Rigorous design validation, safety standards, and testing
  • Full life cycle design and production from 1kWh to 12MWh
  • Battery packs built to order from engineering prototypes to high-volume production

With this kind of tribal knowledge, we were bound to make breakthroughs.

Our team designed the sophisticated battery packs that power SpaceX rockets today. Now they’re taking EV battery technology beyond.

Put our advances to work for you:

  • Extreme safety standards adopted from rocket/spacecraft battery pack technology
  • More range and power with the highest gravimetric and volumetric energy densities
  • Fast charging with minimal impact on cycle life thanks to low, stable temperature across pack
  • Intelligent battery management system (BMS) featuring redundant and fault tolerant technology with proprietary algorithms for enhanced safety, performance, and cycle life
  • Proprietary thermal engineering optimized for active and passive cooling
  • Highly accurate mileage estimation and state-of-charge and state-of-health monitoring
  • Optimized Power BUS for ultra-low weight electrical conductivity

Full Timeline

We handle everything from design to delivery.

Phase One

3 Months

Design, Planning, and Agreements

Phase Two

12 Months

Customer Design Approval
Prototype Delivery

Design for Manufacturing Safety & Environmental Prototype build.
Production Tooling Kickoff

Phase Three

12 Months

Production Ramp

Pre-Production Builds, Release Candidates, Mass Production.

Product Phases

A continuous improvement program optimized for every stage of design and manufacturing.

Phase One

We design an optimized battery pack within your stated volumetric and gravimetric limits with the power and energy density you want.

  1. Design
  2. Planning and agreements

Phase Two

We design the battery pack for mass production per your safety and environmental requirements.

  1. Initial Design for manufacturing
  2. Design refinement
  3. Prototype build and validation testing (environmental & safety)
  4. Safety testing

Phase Three

  1. B-Sample
    Production form factor and performance
  2. C-Sample
    Parts ready for production off-tool, off-process at supplier
  3. D-Sample
    Final product form and production parts made off production line with all production tools and personnel
  4. Release Candidate
  5. Mass Production