Lithium Forklift Battery Packs

Upgrade to the future of forklift batteries with Thunder™ lithium.

If you’re using electric forklifts,
you’re ahead of the curve.

But let’s talk about your

Are you still using dirty, outdated lead-acid?

You need continuous uptime from a fleet management standpoint for maximum profitability, so make the smart move and switch to cleaner, high-efficiency Thunder lithium batteries.

Thunder Lithium Beats Lead-Acid Batteries

Zero emissions

100% maintenance free

Maximum uptime with no battery swapping

Seamless transition from one shift to multi shift

Full performance in cold and refrigerated spaces

Minimum downtime with easy opportunity charging

48V Thunder

Basic and Plus

Our 48V Thunder packs are made in the USA for Class I & II electric forklifts. They’re the first in a full line of Thunder lithium battery packs with different capacity options in each tray size.

Thunder BASIC

The lower cost introduction to lithium-ion optimized for peak performance through tough one-shift applications. With opportunity charging, our advanced technology in this “small” but mighty battery gives you the flexibility to support limited extended shift and seasonal multi-shift use while cutting your maintenance costs, emissions, time on the charger, and electric bill.

Thunder PLUS

The longer lasting battery option with an exclusive blend of power and energy for multi-shift use. Our Thunder Maxx 24-85-21 is UL Listed UL2580, and the entire Thunder series has a longer lifetime than lead-acid batteries. With superior throughput capabilities, Thunder PLUS delivers the low $/cycle costs for high-rate two-shift and 24-hour multi-shift operations you’re looking for.

Thunder Series Features

  • Modular design
  • IP67 rated modules
  • Integrated module heaters
  • Active and passive controls for over-charge, over-discharge, and short circuit protection
  • CANbus communication (J1939 & CANopen) Centralized battery management system (BMS)
  • Customizable display options for status and state of charge (SOC)

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