Electrification On Road and Off

EV battery technology is changing the world by changing the way we get around.

Romeo Power provides high-performance EV battery packs that deliver the power, range, and charge times people want.

Be a leader
in e-mobility.

Electrification is coming. The only question is which battery will help you lead the way.

We squeeze massive numbers of standard cylindrical cells into compact designs for exceptional energy density. And we combine that with proprietary thermal engineering and battery management for breakthrough range and performance.

Zero emissions

Advanced battery management system

Fully scalable

Active or passive cooling

Exceptional energy density

Fast charge time

Exceptional energy density combined with unique thermal engineering and intelligent battery management provides performance to beat the most popular EVs.

Small Battery Packs That Are
Big On Power

High-performance power from the turf on the course to the air we all share.

Let your customers spend more time outside doing what they love.

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