Smart Business Energy Storage

Game The Grid

Save money and power through outages with PowerStack™, Romeo Power’s energy storage solution for business. Soak up electricity off peak when it’s cheaper, then cut your ties to power lines when demand and prices are high.

You’ll breeze past peak times with the cheap electricity you stored. Plus, you’ll keep the power and productivity on when high demand causes black or brownouts.

PowerStack – your personal grid that puts you in control.

On-Demand Energy During High-Demand Times

Harvest energy off peak to use when prices go up.

Keep working during grid interruptions.

Get a custom solution - from small office to skyscraper.

Stash Energy All Night

Save Money All Day

  • PowerStack collects and stores energy from the grid during off-peak hours
  • PowerStack stops consuming at peak times and uses stored energy to power your business.
  • PowerStack lets you put energy consumption on autopilot and stop paying peak-time prices.

Stay Up During Down Times

No power? No problem. PowerStack automatically provides energy during outages, so your business stays in business.

Designed To Fit Your Needs, Now And Later

Get a scalable solution with unlimited configurations.

Power Electronics
Each tall, slim PowerStack holds up to 24 separate 12 kWh Powerpacks for a custom, cost-effective install. Our modular stacking systems allows you to add or remove units as your needs change.

Thermal Control System
Your PowerStack system will function smoothly with either active or passive cooling, depending on your environment.

Cell Design & Monitoring
Powerpacks are built for worry-free performance with advanced safety features including single cell runaway prevention and single fault tolerant BMS for critical conditions and optimized cycle management.

Let’s Do This

Tell Us About You
We’ll design the perfect system based on headcount, usage patterns, and available energy resources.

Let Us Install It
Our team takes care of everything, leaving you with a highly-optimized and hassle-free turnkey system.

Sit Back And Stay Informed
Our cloud-based system constantly monitors usage and sends you alerts when there may be an issue.