Introducing the Hercules BEV Pack Family

Powering the world’s largest vehicles further than the rest

The Hercules Pack Family is the first ever pack-family in the BEV space. Only Romeo’s IP could enable such a powerful and flexible pack family that can be utilized from Class 3 delivery vehicles to the worlds largest long-haul Class 8 vehicles.

Our packs most likely can snap-into your current application.  They’ve been deployed in side, under, and aft applications with the best warranty in the business, made in the U.S.A.

  • Up to 1000V working voltage
  • Delivers between 30 kWh and 1 MWh
  • Configurable in 10kWh increments
  • Serviceable junction box
  • Distributed BMS architecture
  • Module & pack single cell fault tolerant
  • Fast charge time


The perfect module for trucks & buses. Hermes has a 21700 cell format in a modular design with high packaging efficiency, high power capability, and an integrated high cooling structure at SAE J2380 & J2464 requirements. Single cell fault tolerant by design.

Moving people and things emission free

Our customers are becoming environmentally responsible and reducing operating costs in a variety of markets.

Product Safety

Romeo Power Battery Management System detect faults, and react quickly to maintain safe operating conditions for battery, system and users.

Accurate sensing of cell parameters to constantly gauge the state of cells:

  • Cell Voltage
  • Cell Temperature
  • Current in/out of the battery

Cell Balancing
Fast and accurate cell balancing during charge and discharge to maximize cell life.

Constant monitoring of safety critical parameters and fast acting protection circuits ensure safe and reliable operation:

  • Over/under voltage sensing
  • Over current sensing
  • Isolation check
  • Ambient and cell temperature

High speed and robust communication lines carry information to and from user/system and the BMS. These communication lines help optimize system performance and simplify diagnostics.

Designed for Safety
Romeo Power battery modules and packs are single cell fault tolerant. This means, that in the outlying case, where for some reason a certain battery exhibits a thermal incident, the thermal incident will not propagate to the neighboring cells. Based on system requirements, the BMS can be programmed to shut off the system completely after a cell related incident, or keep operating safely under actively derated fashion until servicing is conducted.

Our Packs Are Accelerating Change

Please tell us about your system needs below.

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