Romeo EV battery packs are designed to satisfy voltage and runtime requirements and take into account loading, environmental, size and weight limitations to provide the lowest cost and best price, safety, and durability.

Design & Engineering

Romeo Power designs and manufactures cutting-edge consumer, industrial and electric vehicle battery systems. With a visionary approach and unparalleled engineering expertise, Romeo is an undeniable energy powerhouse.

  • Full Life Cycle Design & Production from 8kWh to 1.2MWh
  • Design Validation, Safety, and Testing
  • Battery Packs for Engineering Prototypes through High Volume Production
  • Full Production and Delivery

Safety, Standards
& Testing


Thermal Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Competitive Advantage

The Romeo Power team has deep tribal knowledge from the design, development, and deployment of the most powerful and sophisticated batteries ever created. Our team developed the battery packs that power the Tesla and Faraday Future vehicles and the battery packs used by SpaceX.

Romeo Power is bringing a further iteration of this technology to the high-performance electric vehicles market.


  • Higher volumetric and gravimetric energy density utilizing standard cells
  • Optimized active and passive cooling
  • Highest safety available (design from developing rockets/spacecraft)
  • Proprietary design methods for optimized design of the battery packs
  • Battery Management System (BMS), superior redundant and fault tolerant technology that is extremely accurate. Proprietary algorithms for increased safety, performance and cycle-life.
  • Optimized Power BUS for ultra-low weight electrical conductivity

Program Timeline

From design and optimization to production and delivery.

Phase One

3 Months

Design, Planning, and Agreements

Phase Two

12 Months

Customer Design Approval
Prototype Delivery
Design for Manufacturing Safety & Environmental Prototype build.
Production Tooling Kickoff

Phase Three

12 Months

Production Ramp
Pre-Production Builds, Release Candidates, Mass Production.

Product Phases

All stages undergo a continuous improvement program for both design and manufacturing.

Phase One

Romeo Power Creates a Pack Configuration and Design Optimization.

Romeo Power looks at the customer’s volumetric and gravimetric limits and designs an optimized pack based on power and energy density desires.

  1. Design
  2. Planning and Agreements

Phase Two

The battery pack is designed for mass production and includes safety and environmental factors according to the customer’s requirements.

  1. Initial Design for Manufacturing
  2. Design Refinement
  3. Prototype Build and Validation Testing (Environmental & Safety)
  4. Safety Testing

Phase Three

  1. B-SampleProduction form factor and performance.
  2. C-SampleParts should be off-tool, off-process at the supplier to establish readiness for production.
  3. D-SampleFinal product form, production parts, made off the production line with all production tools and production personnel.
  4. Release Candidate
  5. Mass Production

Next Generation EV Battery Packs