Romeo Power Technology Drops ‘Saber’ In b8ta Stores Nationwide

The ultra-portable and rugged power pack with an AC outlet

VERNON, CA – May 30, 2018 – Romeo Power Technology’s first consumer product, “Saber”, will now be available for demo and purchase at b8ta stores nationwide. Starting this Friday, Saber will be featured at the b8ta branches in Santa Monica, Corte Madera, and Houston. Saber will also be available at b8ta locations in Washington and Chicago in July of 2018. “We have chosen to sell through b8ta because of their unique retail strategy to allow people to demo the products at the stores. In this day and age where everything is virtual, it’s great to be able to have a place where you can physically experience and demo products,” said Michael Patterson, CEO and Founder of Romeo Power Technology.

Saber’s battery management system is the same as the ones used in Romeo’s design of largescale energy storage solutions and electric vehicle batteries, making it the most power-dense portable battery on the market.

Saber: The Power Pack Perfected Features

  • 86 watt-hours of power, 24,000mAh of capacity
  • Weight: 2.2lbs
  • Fully charges in two hours
  • Charges most laptops twice, a tablet two to four times or a phone more than 10 times, with a single charge
  • Variable AC, USB-C and two USB ports that can charge any device 90 watts or less
  • Can charge up to four devices at one time, with no additional accessories required.
  • FAA- and TSA-approved & FCC Certified
  • Shockproof, and dust and water resistant (IPX67)
  • Safe-Charge feature that knows what is plugged in and auto-adjusts output power
  • Comes in three different colors: Black, Blue and Red

Romeo was founded in 2015 by a group of engineers from SpaceX, Tesla, and Samsung on a mission to advance energy technology so they could help end energy poverty. They build “tighter and lighter” battery packs for electric vehicles and stationary energy storage that perform better and last longer thanks to industry-leading energy density and battery management. Learn more at

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