By Porter Harris, CTO and Co-Founder

Throughout my career, I’ve been obsessed with energy and power systems technology; advancing the tech whenever possible. Whether that was to help send rockets into space at SpaceX or developing the car of tomorrow at Faraday Future, my aim has always been to create the most powerful and efficient battery possible.

Over the years, it has become increasingly clear that better energy storage technology was not just vital for spaceships and electric vehicles (EVs). In fact, its most valuable and important application will mean much more for the everyday lives and routines of every living being on the planet. That’s why I co-founded Romeo Power with the vision of ending energy poverty around the world and the mission of advancing energy storage technology. 

Unpicking the grid lock

In the United States, we are used to reliable instant access to the energy that lights our rooms, heats our homes and charges our phones. But in developing countries, millions of people either have little or no access to an electrical grid or get their power from unreliable sources that can be expensive and prone to blackouts. Romeo Power aims to end this energy poverty and provide everyone with reliable, affordable access to the power they need to cook, clean, read and more.

There are countless countries that can act as prime spots for solar power harvesting but need to be allied with efficient storage technology for energy balance due to peak daytime generation (due to the nature of solar generation). Our stationary storage battery technology (PowerStack) provides this, but we are still faced with a major hurdle in making our vision of ending energy poverty a reality.

UN Habitat reports the number of people living in slum conditions in 2014 estimated at 863 million and predicts that one-third of the world’s population will be slum dwellers by 2030. It’s difficult for governments to effectively invest in infrastructure for this kind of unplanned development, so many don’t. With little state investment in energy storage and the target customer unable to afford the technology, we needed a way to self-finance our vision.

The butterfly effect of tech

Romeo Power boasts a wealth of talent with knowledge, skills and experience in EV technology, including people who have worked at Tesla, as well as Faraday Future and SpaceX. After compiling this all-star team, we developed a modular battery pack comprised of off-the-shelf cylindrical lithium-ion cells for use in high performance cars, motorcycles and forklifts; anything that uses the electric DC powertrain.

We’re also using the same advanced battery pack design in PowerStack, a stationary energy storage product that allows businesses to harvest and store electricity from the grid during off-peak hours.

Since the beginning of 2017, we’ve received orders for EV and stationary energy storage technology worth $65 million. This solid foundation will help us provide the same Romeo Power technology used by U.S., Asian, and European car manufacturers as well as U.S. public utilities to communities in the developing world at an affordable rate.

Knowledge is power

The true value of energy storage technology is that it can benefit everyone in the world, of all socioeconomic levels. Romeo Power’s specific vision is to end energy poverty, which we’ll achieve by advancing the technology for producing, storing and distributing a variety of power sources. This is my personal goal, as well as my company’s ultimate mission. I believe the collective experience, expertise and intellectual property of our engineers and industrial designers puts Romeo Power at the head of the pack when it comes to achieving this.

For example, at SpaceX I was developing battery technology for the most difficult environments you can deal with as an engineer, space. When you have to account for micro-gravity, vacuum and the thermal extremes of space, you reach a new whole level of engineering experience. At Romeo Power, we’ve used that knowledge to develop a battery with the highest thermal performance around, which reduces charging times by as much as 30 percent on a standard battery.

Advancements like this, our increased energy density, fastest charge times and our superior safety will be key in unleashing the potential of better battery packs. By helping individuals, communities, cities and companies gain more control over energy production, storage and distribution, we’re confident we can end energy poverty at a global level.

About Us
Romeo Power makes the most powerful, energy-dense battery packs in the world. Top engineers and designers from SpaceX, Tesla, Samsung, Apple, and Amazon, started Romeo Power in 2015 with the belief that safe and reliable energy is crucial to the advancement of human health and economic development. Today, the energy storage technology company leads the charge in battery pack innovation, safety and reliability for vehicles, stationary, and personal power products.

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