Our Southern California manufacturing facility is located close to port and intermodal transport networks for quick delivery to your factory. Before leaving our facility, all modules and packs are tested according to stringent Romeo standards.

ISO 9001 Certified Battery Pack Assembly

Our trained technicians can provide the perfect drop-in solution for your vehicle by assembling our modules into custom high-capacity battery pack configurations. ISO 9001 certification guarantees that our packs are built to meet your specific power needs with the strict adherence to quality every step of the way that assures long-term reliability.

Designed for Manufacturing with the Highest Safety Standards

Our designs are optimized and inherently flexible for high rate manufacturing on the same automated lines. Single shift capacity easily scales to meet the quality and time of delivery our customers demand. Designing safe, reliable and robust systems with in-depth battery research means ensuring our customers’ standards are met at every step throughout the entire product maturity, development, and production process.

As packs come off the production line, failure analysis includes:

  • Crush / impact
  • Penetration
  • Short circuit
  • Cell spacing
  • Cell-to-cell & module-to-module passive propagation resistance

Cost Effective, US based Production

Automation of critical assembly steps coupled with patented component designs makes our module production process economical, reliable, and always on time. Robotic work cells can run 24/7 with utmost speed and accuracy, helping us manufacture battery modules with low cost and predictable consistency.

Errorless Welding

Speed is critical to our battery module manufacturing process, though it could not be achieved without a focus on absolute accuracy. Our state-of-the-art laser welder combines vision-based guidance and precision fixturing to pinpoint an exact weld location on each battery cell. The welds connecting the cells are made at light speed, creating a repeatable, reliable, and vibration-resistant interconnection.

Reliability, Testing, and Validation

We’ve constructed a robust test plan strategy to characterize module performance, product life, construction and design. Our proprietary test plans, developed from past experience in automotive, aerospace, space and consumer electronics industries, specifically for battery applications and systems set us apart. We have a state-of-the-art in-house test lab offering comprehensive testing services for the entire product development lifecycle.

Our full range of test capabilities including:

  • Mechanical, environmental, and electrical testing
  • Engineering, Qualification, and Production Testing for Single Cell, Module and Pack Level Battery Systems
  • System Characterization Testing Including: Resonant Searches, Shock Response, System Temperature Saturation Identification, and Battery Performance
  • Comprehensive FA Solutions Including: X-Ray, Cross Section Imaging, Cell Tear Downs, Scanning Electron Imaging, and FA Reports
  • Team of Experts Providing Test Consulting and Documentation Services Including: Test Plan Development, Test Procedure Development, Test Fixture Design, and Automated Test Equipment (ATE) Development

Functional Testing

No module or pack is considered complete until its functional and electrical characteristics are verified. Our state-of-the-art testing systems verify all critical specifications to assure everything is fully functional as intended and ready to plug right into your EV.




Our Packs Are Accelerating Change

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